Do Sinners Pray?

Does God listen when I pray? does he hear my heart when ℓ̊  whisper to him? When ℓ̊  whisper in my moments of sadness, happiness, joy, anger; in confused time about life and what to do and how to handle situations, does he whisper back to me but ℓ̊  don’t hear him? am ℓ̊  not listening? Is one soo caught up in the life of sin and worries and fears that he might have completely turned his back? ℓ̊ know He loves me; sinner or not, if ℓ̊ love him or not, his love is everlasting, but when one is knee deep in this life and it seems like you cant get out of it; when you’re loving it, a Godless life, a material life and  end up fed up and lost.. do sinners pray?

Dark Thinker


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