The Chosen One’s

a fellow Thinker called me by this.. then it got me to thinking..

Every society has a “Chosen One”. For this context they are the one who have everything going for them; Financially(rich kids), Academically, Socially etc. 

They’re the “Elite” of the rest. It’s basically a Social Class of its own; socially speaking and not sociologically.

They basically have a “Perfect” life. Everyone who likes these them LOVES them and those that hate, hate intensely. 

They are natural hate-attractors, without even doing too much, they are the most hated in society and they have no control over it. They always need to watch their back cos they’re not just anybody. Not a lot of people are happy about this Social Class and so they have to be careful about the kind of people they fuxx with. The ones they call friends are the real danger to look out for. Because of this, they often keep the friend circle small and keep the trust circle even smaller. 

 Won’t give you the full gist.. If you want to know, earn the lifestyle.. earn being a “Chosen One”.

PS: It is not for everyone. 

 –Dark Thinker 


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