…His Destiny

Right from birth, a great destiny awaited him.. a plan God has for him that he must fulfill. He was told he’s a shinning star, a celebrity in the making.

Even before he is told this, deep in his heart, somewhere in his mind.. he knew that he is meant to be something more. He feels the greatness in him but just can’t reach it, cant harness it. He can see his star as close as a 3D movie but cant touch it.

He is sooo close, but yet sooo far.

He goes about his life as a regular person, everyday waiting for a sign, a symbol, something to awaken the light to guide him on this journey.

But just telling him isn’t enough.. what are the details? what is the plan? how does he begin to walk in the path of his destiny? how does he know when it is time and if his journey has begun?

He questions everything and begins to ponder, gets lost in his mind, in his thoughts and starts to wonder.. What is this great destiny he is supposed to be living?



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