October 1, 1960.. 

57 years, 

57 years of “independence”, 

57 years of stagnation, 

57 years of retrogression, 

57 years of corruption and poverty, 

57 years of pain and sadness, 

57 years of backwardness, 

57 years not a single youth president, 

57 years of no electricity, 

Here’s to 57 more years..  



A cultist, A novice and A God-sent

Once upon a time, a time in a true story, a story about learning.

There was a novice, who didn’t know much about the streets; he had been “locked up” at home all his life.

He joined a program that camped about 2000+ youths all from different walks of life together for a period of 3wks in a regimented environment. The room had 14 bunk beds and housed ___ people per room (do the math), he somehow ended up being bunk neighbors with a cultist; not just any cultist, a chronic user (only uses people for what he can get from them), liar and deceiver who saw this boy as someone he could use, someone he could “ride” as the cultist put it.

He then started to ask the the novice for random things, even if he had absolutely nothing to use it for, he’d still ask. Its just their nature and what they always do. He first asked the novice for money, giving a reason that someone has stolen all his money and he doesn’t have a single dime. The novice “novicely” gave him a little money. The cultist then called his friends, right in the presence of the novice and said they should all meet up at the bar; just to show the novice how stupid and gullible he was. The novice, knowing that he was a cultist thought the best way to stay out of trouble is to pacify the cultist. Another day, another request and it went on like that for about a week before the novice finally opened up to his other bunk mate, who then taught the novice how to say no, the street way. He said to the novice “Never be afraid of anyone and don’t be scared to say no because they don’t know who you are, who you know and what you are capable of if they tried anything funny.”

This other bunk mate was the God-sent who opened the eyes of the novice to the things of the streets. Before then he and the novice had become good friends and more or less brothers over the span of a week and a half. He taught him about the different cults and how to recognize them, how to interact with people to prevent them from taking advantage of you and suddenly, the novice could now see EVERYTHING.

The next day the novice woke up and saw the cultist standing by his bed and… TO BE CONTINUED

-A true story by the DarkThinker



“Fake Woke”

People want to be woke..

People aspire to be deep..

others wallow in ignorance.. There is a thin line between being “woke” (aware of the situations in your surrounding others take for granted) and being fake woke. Some are truly woke causing others to want to be woke but actually ending up being “fake woke” or ignorant.

To be woke is not a forced thing but rather more like an epiphany. Accessing your subconscious and paying attention to things you might have subconsciously overlooked; a deeper connection with ones self if self and subconscious are one. The truly woke ones are woke effortlessly and can easily be recognized by others unlike the “fake woke” who try to take common knowledge and add to it what isn’t there.

Dont force “woke”, let it happen. Some people are meant to be woke, and others are just meant to be woken.


“I know one thing; I know nothing”

“I know one thing; I know nothing”- Socrates 

You think you know things, but you do not know anything 

I have words, I know the best words. 

Read these words, you may learn something and think now you know something, but you know nothing.  

You may think more knowledge about something leads to happiness and satisfaction but it is quite the opposite. 

Heed these words, now you think you may know something, that you have learned something but really, truly and honestly, you know nothing. 


The world as we know it…

The world as we know it, is coming to an end. Incase you didn’t know or have failed to realize, we have been living in the era of the end-times for a couple of years now.

If you’re a part of this world and see everything going on but still asleep? You’re in a for a big surprise.

With everything going on– from shootings to mass murders to terrorist attacks to rumors of war– if at this point, you’re not yet woke; I don’t know what you’re doing with your life and time.

The most epic sign of all that was foretold was that eventually, all the nations of the EU were going to split apart. This has already started with Brexit; it is no where near from done and pieces of the pie are eventually going to follow suite.

Personally i don’t think anything can be done to save the world from where it’s headed. It will take an enourmous miracle and grace of God to see a turn around globally at this point.

I urge you to please be woke and stay vigilant. A word is enough…


September 10..

He gazed upon her.. captivating, heart-melting beauty,

Her face radiating .. you could lose your sight forever;

the last image etched into your mind to have forever.

He pondered,

wondered to himself… “Masterpiece”

If Aphrodite ever took a human form.. he thought to himself,

“This must be her”







Adulthood just hit,

Most aspire to be this age but never get there,

Most get there but celebrate behind prison bars,

Its the will of God, i’m here, and gonna be a star,

i’m not to good or too perfect, its all left to time for me to foster

the block of the writer still lingers,

i thought i’d drop something out there just to linger,

June 8th.. the date

June 8th, a star was born.