Sinking feeling in my chest

Sinking feeling in my chest I think that I might be stressed I told my wife about it My kids laughed They all joked about it My palms sweating, heart racing, short rapid breaths Am I having a panic attack? Oh! *whew* it's just my old pal, Anxiety . . -dT


They hunt me

These words.. these words are me, I am these words These words are an extension of me, of my state of mind, of my well being Of my emotions Of my depression Of my sadness ... Every day Every day I wake They wake with me They're always with me ... In the shower On... Continue Reading →

Let it happen

Stop worrying and let it happen Live life day by day, let it happen You can plan but plans change, let it happen A higher power has planned the plan for you So take it easy, one step at a time, one day at a time Live life, love life, enjoy life Let it happen.... Continue Reading →

September 10..

He gazed upon her.. captivating, heart-melting beauty, Her face radiating .. you could lose your sight forever; the last image etched into your mind to have forever. He pondered, wondered to himself... "Masterpiece" If Aphrodite ever took a human form.. he thought to himself, "This must be her"   -dT      

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