September 10..

He gazed upon her.. captivating, heart-melting beauty,

Her face radiating .. you could lose your sight forever;

the last image etched into your mind to have forever.

He pondered,

wondered to himself… “Masterpiece”

If Aphrodite ever took a human form.. he thought to himself,

“This must be her”







My walls.. 

Shattered. Empty and lost/lust is how I feel. For the longest time I had a solid wall around my heart.

Nothing, no one could penetrate.. Until recently

Feelings and emotions I kept out are suddenly breaking through.. Crack by crack, one after the other, it’s all tumbling down. I find myself in a dilemma,   Mixed emotions and shit. All meeting at this crossroads and its conflicting.

I never felt like this before. It’s a new experience, a different field. I’m starting to “feel” and I don’t know how I feel about that.

It’s deeper than deep, darker and lonelier than a dead person suddenly awakening in his cuffin. I’m screaming out for help but it falls on deaf ears.

I need to let it all out then build again. I need to pull it all down and pull it back up, but this time not alone.

Merry dark Christmas