Know Yourself 

About to hit adulthood and the future is looking foggy; he has no idea how it’s going to turn out. Before he begins to worry about the future, he has to conquer his present puzzle; piece together himself to find out who he is. Before he can become that person, he has to discover first, who that person it.

Once you know yourself.. the world is your oyster, the world is yours.



The Observers 

They are the quiet ones, the ones who don’t say much

They know everything, i mean..everything.

They watch the sourrounding as closely as the people in it and make assumptions and theories based on dots they connect. These dots are the results of their immaculate observatory skills.

They never make mention of what they see and thats what’s really interesting and at the same time, really scary because they notice the slightest moves, changes etc

In every 10 people, there are at least 2 of them. This is how rare they are.

You may never be able to tell who they are.. Unless you possess similar qualities to them.

If you know, you know.


My walls.. 

Shattered. Empty and lost/lust is how I feel. For the longest time I had a solid wall around my heart.

Nothing, no one could penetrate.. Until recently

Feelings and emotions I kept out are suddenly breaking through.. Crack by crack, one after the other, it’s all tumbling down. I find myself in a dilemma,   Mixed emotions and shit. All meeting at this crossroads and its conflicting.

I never felt like this before. It’s a new experience, a different field. I’m starting to “feel” and I don’t know how I feel about that.

It’s deeper than deep, darker and lonelier than a dead person suddenly awakening in his cuffin. I’m screaming out for help but it falls on deaf ears.

I need to let it all out then build again. I need to pull it all down and pull it back up, but this time not alone.

Merry dark Christmas


“No, I don’t think your prayers would help with anything” 

A couple weekends ago; He left the house for the club on a Friday night.. And awoke in the hospital Saturday morning. You already know the night was “turnt” because He discovered He lost his keys and his phone was cracked. Luckily He still had his wallet; but all the money was gone.  He though to himself “damn, what a good story this will make”. Apparently he had one-too-many drinks and was “unresponsive” (when really He just needed his bed). All pumped and excited to get discharged, He hopped off the bed and  walked across the hallway, thanking Jah for his life as He passed about 8 rooms on the way to the restroom. All 8 rooms were filled with different sort of patients suffering from different sort of ailments. Some on life support machines, some had baskets of meds sitting next to their beds waiting for their turn, some just bare unconscious. His heart yearned out for their recovery,never in his life had seen this many variety of sick patients all at once and suddenly began tearing up. A femal doctor walks by, looks at him confused and asked “how may I help you?”… He replied “will you join me in a short prayer for these patients”.. She put on a forced grin and said to him sternly “No, I don’t think your prayers would help with anything” as she grabbed her bag and headed to clock out.