Grip On The Hip

Grip on the hip

Once a good girl, now flipped


Grip on the hip

I apply pressure with my tip

with the tip… just the tip.

Grip on the hip

Done the deed & now she’s sleep

she’s asleep.. fast asleep.

Grip on the hip

This is the stanza for your keep

for my peeps… just my peeps.



I forget & hold my breath

I get this sinking feeling in my chest

and find it really hard to rest.

At that time, i’m not my best

juggling different levels of stress.

Butterflies in my tummy fly;

Round & round the hornets nest.

If i give-in to the test,

i forget & hold my breath.

Milk before cereal

I squeeze my toothpaste from the middle

I eat food off your plate without asking first

I purposely offend you and end it by saying “no offense”

I stand on the left side of the escalator

I flood timelines with 14 images to form a large picture

Last to walk into a crowded elevator and I never about-face

Milk before cereal

Words with Mani

I had a project to complete today

But was distracted

By a colleague with the words for the day

He sat in front of me

In deep thought

Lost, in his words for me

He said he is fifty two

Then asked my age, I was fewer by twenty-two

“Live your life and be happy” he said

“Sweat nothing and don’t be worried” he said

I heard and put my dreading to bed.




The cloud came down to play

The cloud came down to play

Along came his brother, rain

He brought his wife, thunder

Couldn’t forget they’re loud and rowdy kid, storm

After all said and done

Off they went, headed home

But left us with a sign of their visit

A bright and shiny rainbow we can merit


Mother Nature knows no bounds

Mother Nature knows no bounds

A respecter of no one

She does as she pleases

We are all children under her command

Summoned at her ease

After all, she’s a Mother

What can we do? It’s in her nature


A time of the season

A time to wine, a time to dine

A time for appreciation & more association

A time to give and a time to receive

A time of happiness, a time of joy

A time to be merry and show love to the weary

A time to celebrate His birth

Merry Christmas


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