Know Yourself 

About to hit adulthood and the future is looking foggy; he has no idea how it’s going to turn out. Before he begins to worry about the future, he has to conquer his present puzzle; piece together himself to find out who he is. Before he can become that person, he has to discover first, who that person it.

Once you know yourself.. the world is your oyster, the world is yours.



It all begins with one thing.. an idea

The mind is a very powerful place.. a very flexible object.

An object that can be used to do a lot of good and equally cause great destruction.

Before anything is manifested in the world, it first germinates like a seed in the mind. What is this seed? An idea; a concept.. a mental impression

Once the idea has been planted, it is left to the bearer what becomes of such thought, they determine what grows from that seed. It could germinate to become a beautiful rose or.. you get the idea.

It sits there in the mind like a battery pack, fueling the following thoughts that come after. The idea becomes the foundation for more ideas, it becomes the pathway to more success or a free fall to abject failure.

Be careful of the ideas you entertain in your mind..

they could break you or better still, make you.



The Observers 

They are the quiet ones, the ones who don’t say much

They know everything, i mean..everything.

They watch the sourrounding as closely as the people in it and make assumptions and theories based on dots they connect. These dots are the results of their immaculate observatory skills.

They never make mention of what they see and thats what’s really interesting and at the same time, really scary because they notice the slightest moves, changes etc

In every 10 people, there are at least 2 of them. This is how rare they are.

You may never be able to tell who they are.. Unless you possess similar qualities to them.

If you know, you know.


His other half..

She’s his other half, the piece that completes him.

Whenever he ponders upon her, he doesn’t see her, he sees the future, what they could become.

she is the missing piece to his puzzle, the other half of his heart.. his missing rib. she knows him like no one else does or ever will.. she’s his spirit animal..his soulmate.

He doesn’t just feel it, he knows it.

He’s known her most of his life.. she has been a girlfriend, an ex and a girlfriend again and finally an ex.

what is interesting is that they never broke up like heart-break break up. they ended things on mutual terms to give each other their freedom.

He’s recently admitted his feelings to her and hinted signs of marriage but the families don’t approve of them except them.


…His Destiny

Right from birth, a great destiny awaited him.. a plan God has for him that he must fulfill. He was told he’s a shinning star, a celebrity in the making.

Even before he is told this, deep in his heart, somewhere in his mind.. he knew that he is meant to be something more. He feels the greatness in him but just can’t reach it, cant harness it. He can see his star as close as a 3D movie but cant touch it.

He is sooo close, but yet sooo far.

He goes about his life as a regular person, everyday waiting for a sign, a symbol, something to awaken the light to guide him on this journey.

But just telling him isn’t enough.. what are the details? what is the plan? how does he begin to walk in the path of his destiny? how does he know when it is time and if his journey has begun?

He questions everything and begins to ponder, gets lost in his mind, in his thoughts and starts to wonder.. What is this great destiny he is supposed to be living?


My walls.. 

Shattered. Empty and lost/lust is how I feel. For the longest time I had a solid wall around my heart.

Nothing, no one could penetrate.. Until recently

Feelings and emotions I kept out are suddenly breaking through.. Crack by crack, one after the other, it’s all tumbling down. I find myself in a dilemma,   Mixed emotions and shit. All meeting at this crossroads and its conflicting.

I never felt like this before. It’s a new experience, a different field. I’m starting to “feel” and I don’t know how I feel about that.

It’s deeper than deep, darker and lonelier than a dead person suddenly awakening in his cuffin. I’m screaming out for help but it falls on deaf ears.

I need to let it all out then build again. I need to pull it all down and pull it back up, but this time not alone.

Merry dark Christmas