Happily Sad

Have you ever found happiness in sadness ? is it like finding fire in water ? is it like plucking apple from an orange tree ? is it like drinking air from a cup of water ? Is it like finding joy in sorrow?  is it like standing on water and watching the sand waves?... Continue Reading →


An Ode to Anger

Anger You consume my heart whenever you come around i feel you slowly burning a hole in my chest like fire held next to rubber slowly you melt my being till i shrivel up into my core Anger you inhibit my vision like the early morning fog you cloud my judgment and cause pain you... Continue Reading →


She is my escape, this is my escape, at night, when everyone is coming in to rest, excited and eager, i come out for "air", hide out in the park, just under the light, the light.. it illuminates the park, I touch my pocket..she's still there, She's there.. she's still there, in this spot, right... Continue Reading →

October 1, 1960.. 

57 years,  57 years of “independence”,  57 years of stagnation,  57 years of retrogression,  57 years of corruption and poverty,  57 years of pain and sadness,  57 years of backwardness,  57 years not a single youth president,  57 years of no electricity,  Here’s to 57 more years..   -dT

“Fake Woke”

People want to be woke.. People aspire to be deep.. others wallow in ignorance.. There is a thin line between being "woke" (aware of the situations in your surrounding others take for granted) and being fake woke. Some are truly woke causing others to want to be woke but actually ending up being "fake woke"... Continue Reading →

September 10..

He gazed upon her.. captivating, heart-melting beauty, Her face radiating .. you could lose your sight forever; the last image etched into your mind to have forever. He pondered, wondered to himself... "Masterpiece" If Aphrodite ever took a human form.. he thought to himself, "This must be her"   -dT      

The Observers 

They are the quiet ones, the ones who don't say much They know everything, i mean..everything. They watch the sourrounding as closely as the people in it and make assumptions and theories based on dots they connect. These dots are the results of their immaculate observatory skills. They never make mention of what they see... Continue Reading →

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