Creatives can’t create

Creatives can't create The birds don't chirp The devil turns good The fishes rule the sky The trees start to walk time stops the sky turns red The moon splits in two The stars don't twinkle The sun falls to earth The motivation is dead And creatives can't create. . . -dT


Am I a writer?

Am I a writer? No, not really I'm an architect. I design the ideas and construct them with my words. I'm a magician. I have the power to pull compositions out of thin air. I'm a drug. I invoke emotions and altar feelings when your mind ingests these words. Am I a writer? No, not... Continue Reading →

Butterflies in my Tummy

When i'm excited basking in the scenarios of my imagination i feel them, i feel the butterflies.   When i think of you when i ponder on the day we reunite again i feel them, i feel the butterflies.   Lonely nights i lay awake what route to the next sin, i take i feel... Continue Reading →

In My Eyes

Look in my eyes and know that i'll always be there for you that i'll love you forever and a day more.   Look in my eyes and know that i care that i would do anything for you just like a kid would do anything for his favorite candy bar.   Look in my... Continue Reading →

Is Life Worth It?

Is Life really worth all the hustle and bustle? waking up everyday having to face a new tussle getting knocked down, just to get back up and get knocked down again overcoming obstacles just to come to new ones excited and happy and fulfilled you have finally reached the door to success.. or so you... Continue Reading →

Happily Sad

Have you ever found happiness in sadness ? is it like finding fire in water ? is it like plucking apple from an orange tree ? is it like drinking air from a cup of water ? Is it like finding joy in sorrow?  is it like standing on water and watching the sand waves?... Continue Reading →

An Ode to Anger

Anger You consume my heart whenever you come around i feel you slowly burning a hole in my chest like fire held next to rubber slowly you melt my being till i shrivel up into my core Anger you inhibit my vision like the early morning fog you cloud my judgment and cause pain you... Continue Reading →


She is my escape, this is my escape, at night, when everyone is coming in to rest, excited and eager, i come out for "air", hide out in the park, just under the light, the light.. it illuminates the park, I touch my pocket..she's still there, She's there.. she's still there, in this spot, right... Continue Reading →

October 1, 1960.. 

57 years,  57 years of “independence”,  57 years of stagnation,  57 years of retrogression,  57 years of corruption and poverty,  57 years of pain and sadness,  57 years of backwardness,  57 years not a single youth president,  57 years of no electricity,  Here’s to 57 more years..   -dT

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