The silence is loud

Everything is silent

So silent, i can hear the silence

So silent, its so loud

So silent i can almost hear my thoughts out loud

Nothing but silence

Quiet air attacking the drums in my ear

Its been silent so long, i can almost understand the crickets and their tongue





Sinking feeling in my chest

Sinking feeling in my chest

I think that I might be stressed

I told my wife about it

My kids laughed

They all joked about it

My palms sweating, heart racing, short rapid breaths

Am I having a panic attack?

Oh! *whew* it’s just my old pal, Anxiety




They hunt me

These words..

these words are me, I am these words

These words are an extension

of me, of my state of mind, of my well being

Of my emotions

Of my depression

Of my sadness

Every day

Every day

I wake

They wake with me

They’re always with me

In the shower

On the road

At the office

With my friends

They hunt me like a bounty

They stalk me, they abduct me

so I escape them

The only way I know

The only way I can

These words..

Let it happen

Stop worrying and let it happen

Live life day by day, let it happen

You can plan but plans change, let it happen

A higher power has planned the plan for you

So take it easy, one step at a time, one day at a time

Live life, love life, enjoy life

Let it happen.



Creatives can’t create

Creatives can’t create

The birds don’t chirp

The devil turns good

The fishes rule the sky

The trees start to walk

time stops

the sky turns red

The moon splits in two

The stars don’t twinkle

The sun falls to earth

The motivation is dead

And creatives can’t create.




Am I a writer?

Am I a writer? No, not really

I’m an architect. I design the ideas and construct them with my words.

I’m a magician. I have the power to pull compositions out of thin air.

I’m a drug. I invoke emotions and altar feelings when your mind ingests these words.

Am I a writer? No, not really





Inspired by Frank Solanki

Butterflies in my Tummy

When i’m excited

basking in the scenarios of my imagination

i feel them,

i feel the butterflies.


When i think of you

when i ponder on the day we reunite again

i feel them,

i feel the butterflies.


Lonely nights

i lay awake

what route to the next sin, i take

i feel them,

i feel the butterflies.


Every day,

Every night,

i feel them,

i feel them flying,

i feel the butterflies in my tummy.



In My Eyes

Look in my eyes

and know that i’ll always be there for you

that i’ll love you forever and a day more.


Look in my eyes

and know that i care

that i would do anything for you

just like a kid would do anything for his favorite candy bar.


Look in my eyes

say that you love me

Say that you’ll never let me go.


Look in my eyes

tell me you mean it

everything you ever said and promised.


Through your words

let me feel your soul.

Look in my eyes.




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